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Valley Forge NP

Valley Forge NP

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge Nation Historical Park (HP46) is located in southern Pennsylvania and an easy park to access.

Activation Date: January 19th 2016

When I arrived it was empty and I had the whole parking lot to myself. I stopped by the visitor center and got my passport stamped. Overall, a pretty brief visit, however I needed to be back in VA before rush hour traffic, so I will have to visit the park more in length another time.

Contacts: 12 contacts via 20m PSK31; 10W

This was one of the harder activations I have completed. It took me awhile to get the contacts and conditions were pretty bad with a lot of fading.

Valley Forge, PA


  • 40 Meters
  • 20 Meters
  • 10 Meters


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