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Author: Stuart, KB1HQS

My Portable Radio Gear Video Series

The question I most often get asked is, “What type of gear do you use?” In response, I have created a series of videos that go over in detail the types of gear I use, but more importantly WHY I chose the gear that I did. I selected and use the radio gear that works best for me, however it may give someone ideas on how to best implement their portable radio station for their local portable environment. I have also created a .pdf document with links to all the equipment mentioned in the...

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SOTA Report: Mt Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine

Summit Information: Summit Name: Mount Katahdin, (W1/AM-001) Location: Baxter State Park, Maine, USA Latitude/Longitude: 45° 54′ 15″ N; 68° 55′ 17″ W Date: August 15th, 2017     Summit Information:                                Points: 10                                County: Piscataquis County                                Grid: FN55MV                                Wx: 82 °F; 13 mph; Partly Sunny   Difficulty Views...

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That time I fought the National Park Police

***Note: all the memes were generated by fellow NPOTA friends During the National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event during 2016, I visited many different national parks throughout the US. During one visit, however things got a little out of hand. This is what I posted on the NPOTA facebook group page: de KB1HQS: Heads up to anyone activating in the DC area: Park Po-Po stopped by yesterday as I was finishing up my activation at LBJ Memorial Grove and wanted to know what I was doing. After a polite exchange of an ARRL brochure, FCC and state licenses...

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Sugarloaf Mountain SOTA Demo Follow up Report

Fall has arrived in the mid Atlantic area with mild temperatures to go along with it. The following weekend I did a Parks on the Air (POTA) demo in Rock Creek Park in Washington DC and decided to follow up with a Summits on the Air (SOTA) demo in Maryland. While I have completed several summits from Maine to North Carolina, I decided it was time to offer up my skills as a SOTA activator and help spread the word about this fun outdoor on the air activity. I picked Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland for the summit we would...

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