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Author: Stuart, KB1HQS

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I attended the Dayton Hamfest and threw my Elecraft KX3 in the trash

Ever since I have heard about ham radio and hamfests, there has always been whisperings of the “mecca” of all hamfests: Dayton. For my non-amateur radio friends reading this, let me describe the “hamfest” experience. As a youngster, my Old Man dragged me along to various hamfests: get togethers where hams sold and traded radio gear, told lies about long distance contacts and chain smoked (this was the 80’s after all). My earliest recollections  of hamfests was the smell of cigarette smoke, stale coffee and burnt electrons. Piles upon piles of HF radios, antennas, old coax from 1963 and...

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Dark Angel Medical Direct Action Response Training Class

Thorough out the years, I have attended various training classes from off road driving/recovery to advanced level SCUBA diving classes. Hands down the most important training I have taken to date has been medical training. In my early college years I completed my EMT-Basic certification and later attended a Wilderness First Responder class taught by Wilderness Medical Institute. While both classes were excellent, the downside was cost and length of time required (8 days to a semester). An alternative to this is the Direct Action Response Training (DART) by Dark Angel Medical, a mobile training company and also sells emergency...

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