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Author: Stuart, KB1HQS

Special Event: Parks on the Air Demo in Washington, DC

Please join the HacDC Amateur Radio Club for a SPECIAL EVENT PRESENTATION occurring on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 2:00 PM in Rock Creek Park, in Washington, DC. Stuart Thomas / KB1HQS will be our very special guest. During the 2016 ARRL National Parks on the Air initiative, Stuart earned top honors by racking up over 500 activations. He will be giving us a hands-on demonstration in the field of the types of equipment and antennas he utilized to help him achieve his first place status in the initiative. In addition to being an accomplished author and experienced outdoorsman,...

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2017 Summer SOTA and POTA Activations in NH and ME

After months of recovering from a badly sprained ankle, summer has arrived which of course means vacation time. I’m heading to New England, specifically New Hampshire and Maine. Note: these dates are all tentative due to the variable weather and the fact I like a flexible schedule when traveling. Bands: 20/30/40 CW & SSB; Power: QRP I will self spot on Facebook, Twitter and SOTA SWATCH2. Radio Gear:  Elecraft KX3 with external battery Yaesu FT1DR Delorme InReach Packtenna Dipole & Endfed antennas Wolf River Coil Vertical Alexloop Assorted Delta Loops One (1) trusty canine “Trail Dog” Track me in real...

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Shenandoah SOTA Summits and Xrays

SOTA Activations Bones Fractured: Contacts Made: Once again, I decided to visit Shenandoah National Park (SNP) in Virginia and activate summits south of Thornton’s Gap. When I arrived early Sunday morning, the entrance park toll booth had a sign that read, “Pay when you leave”. Well, thanks to my awesome mother-in-law who gave me a 2017 Park Pass for Christmas this year, I was good to go. Later that day when I left there was a line going into the entrance half a mile long. It pays to get there early, even in the winter. This trip I was...

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