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Author: Stuart, KB1HQS

Guest NPOTA Activator Appearance!

One of the many awesome facets of amateur radio is that you get to meet a large variety of people of various backgrounds and locations from all around the world. While activating Yorktown NP in SE Virginia, I met up with another NPOTA activator, Ruth KM4LAO. She holds the highest class, Amateur Extra and enjoys rag chewing, contesting and chasing DX. She was interested in activating the park, and I happen to be at that park during a NPOTA trip so I loaned her the use of my car and radio and she got to work!   During the activation, she...

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Make your own Activator NPOTA Notebook

How to make your own NPOTA activator notebook: Throughout the year as I have been activating National Parks, I have found it is helpful to have all my NPOTA designator data and NPS handouts organized in an easy to access format. Items needed: One (1) 3-ring binder One (1) packet of 8.5” x 11” clear top loading sheet protectors One (1) vacuum sealer or equivalent heating bar NPOTA designator print outs of the states you will be activating in NPS Maps of Parks you have visited One (1) NPOTA Bumper Sticker Gather all your materials, kick your wife or husband...

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The Great NC/SC SOTA/NPOTA Trip: 7/17/16- 7/19/16

Getting out of the heat and heading down to western NC (south of Asheville) to activate several NPOTA/SOTA sites. Hopefully the 6000 feet elevation will cool things off a bit. Schedule will be fluid as the trip down is pretty far from DC (8 hrs). No whining on accuracy of my schedule. Once I enter the backcountry all bets are off on timing. See my note at the end of this post about tracking me like a bear looking for a beehive. 7/17/16- 7/19/16: NPOTA/SOTA: Green Knob (North) PK01 + W4C/CM-020 8 points Mt. Mitchell (highest peak on east...

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Valley Forge NP

Valley Forge National Historical Park Valley Forge Nation Historical Park (HP46) is located in southern Pennsylvania and an easy park to access. Activation Date: January 19th 2016 When I arrived it was empty and I had the whole parking lot to myself. I stopped by the visitor center and got my passport stamped. Overall, a pretty brief visit, however I needed to be back in VA before rush hour traffic, so I will have to visit the park more in length another time. Contacts: 12 contacts via 20m PSK31; 10W This was one of the harder activations I have...

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