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Author: Stuart, KB1HQS

Prince William National Forest Park

Activations 40 Meters 20 Meters 10 Meters Contacts Prince William Forest (DZ08), is a 15,000 acre forest with 37 miles of trails and 21 miles of road. The forest is located about 30 miles south of Washington, DC right off interstate 95 next door to Quantico. Prince William Forest Map Activation Dates: January 6th, 2016: 10 contacts with PSK31; 10W January 10th, 2016: 18 contacts with 20m SSB Phone; 10W February 1st, 2016: 12 contacts with 20m SSB Phone; 1 contact via PSK31; 10W *Mobile operation At this point, I have activated the park twice and found it to be...

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George Washington Memorial Pkway

Activations 40 Meters 20 Meters 10 Meters Contacts The George Washington Memorial Parkway (PK02) is a 25 mile scenic drive in Northern Virginia that parallels the Potomac river and begins at Mount Vernon (Washington’s estate) and ends at Great Falls Park. George-Washington-Memorial-Parkway-map I have activated two different locations within the GW Parkway: Dangerfield Island and Jones Point. Wildlife: none As I was walking around the area, I found boundary markers that indicated as one walked the trail to the lighthouse, you leave the state of VA, enter DC, MD, and back into VA all within 25′ or so. As a...

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Gear Review: AeroPress Coffee Maker

My Cuisinart coffee maker, a victim of planned obsolescences and poor Chinese engineering quite working after two years of use. In searching through the million different coffee makers for a replacement, I discovered the AeroPress: A coffee maker made by a company that makes sports toys, like the Aerobie.   Wait….   Let me repeat that for those that haven’t had their coffee yet today. A toy company that makes a coffee maker. In my opinion, the best coffee maker on the market today is the AeroPress for both home and emergency use. AeroPress Coffee Maker Website The Aeropress uses short brewing times and...

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Would you pay $65.00 to prevent a broken leg or hip? Living on the coast of Maine with a humid continental climate we receive considerable amount of snow and ice every winter. This year (2014) has been no exception. After living in Maine for over ten years, I had some very close calls in almost injuring myself from sliding on slick ice. To rectify this problem I purchased a pair of Katoola Microspikes to keep in my vehicle and to help reduce the risk of broken bones and a very expensive trip to the hospital. As preppers, we are always trying to minimize future possible...

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Gear Review: Steripen Ultra

While attending college in Texas, I decided to go hiking in the Hill Country during August with temperatures in the 90’s with high humidity. I underestimated how much water I needed, and ended up eight miles from school severely dehydrated. Since that teaching moment, water has been a high priority for me.   Full Disclosure as Required by the FTC: The SteriPEN Ultra, as shown in this gear review, was provided to me by Hydro-Photon Inc., makers of SteriPEN.   The Science Behind It: SteriPEN Ultra uses UV (Ultra Violet radiation) to deactivate the DNA in harmful organisms found in untreated water. Contrary to popular opinion,...

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