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Author: Stuart, KB1HQS

Thomas Stone National Historic Site

Thomas Stone National Historic Site was the third of my activations in the area (see Fort Washington & Piscataway Park for the other two). When I arrived, the gates said closed for the season. I parked in front of the gate (and according to the maps I was on NP property) and activated. I plan on going back in the spring to actually see the site and perhaps activate again for the chasers. Contacts: 19 contacts on 20M Phone, 10W  *Mobile operation   Activations 20 Meters Contacts Thomas Stone...

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Catocitin Mountain Park

So an opportunity came where to go visit an old friend in PA, and on the way where several parks to activate. Activation date: 1/17/2016 The first was Catoctin Mountain Park (DZ01)  is located in Torment, Maryland. I left Virginia at the crack of dawn and headed north. After a lot of driving I arrived only to find the visitor center closed. Apparently this was not welcome news for one visitor who I guess was expecting to use the bathroom. For a women, she sure could curse. I set up in the car and cranked out some contacts on 20m Phone....

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Fort Washington Park

Activations 40 Meters 20 Meters Contacts Fort Washington (DZ03) located in Maryland along the Potomac River and is a massive fort that can only truly be appreciated in person. In 1809 it was the only defensive fort protecting Washington, DC and was used in both the war of 1812 and WWII. Activation Date: January 14th, 2016 Location: Maryland *Mobile operation There was some discussion with another activator who had experience operating in the area of the park and suggested I contact the park for permission. I called and received permission. After activating I walked around the fort and checked out...

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Washington-Rochambeau NHT

Activations 40 Meters 20 Meters Contacts Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail (TR23) is a 850 mile series of road used by George Washington and the Continental Army. Being a Historic trail, I needed to be within a 100 feet of the trail, in this case US 1. Using Google maps I figured out a location that I could park and be within that distance. The one spot I could find was in Alexandria near Slater Lane. Using Google satellite maps, I determined that two different parking spots would be acceptable. I left home and 30 minutes later arrived in luck. One of...

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Prince William National Forest Park

Activations 40 Meters 20 Meters 10 Meters Contacts Prince William Forest (DZ08), is a 15,000 acre forest with 37 miles of trails and 21 miles of road. The forest is located about 30 miles south of Washington, DC right off interstate 95 next door to Quantico. Prince William Forest Map Activation Dates: January 6th, 2016: 10 contacts with PSK31; 10W January 10th, 2016: 18 contacts with 20m SSB Phone; 10W February 1st, 2016: 12 contacts with 20m SSB Phone; 1 contact via PSK31; 10W *Mobile operation At this point, I have activated the park twice and found it to be...

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