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Project Category: Ham Radio

KX3 Paddles

I purchased the KX3 paddles when I bought my Elecraft KX3 HF rig. After about3 months of use, I would get a terrible hesitation when hitting either side of the paddle. In doing a little research, I wasn’t the only one having this problem. I contacted Elecraft and they told to mail them in and they would return to me a refurbished paddle after a two to three weeks. I sent them in and waited. After about four weeks I hadn’t seen and feared the worst. I contacted Elecraft and apparently they got lost somewhere in their mail room,...

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Bull Dog Iambic Paddle

Bull Dog Iambic Paddle I originally purchased this for my Rockmite QRP rig and ended up using it for my KX3 when the KX3 paddles failed. Well after a month of use the solder joint on the back of one of the paddles (coat button) let go and I had to resolder it. The fix was pretty simple and I was able to continue to use it till the 3.5mm stereo input plug starting giving me problems. I would be in the middle of a QSO and it would stop working all together. Luckily for me, my KX3...

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KX3 USB Cable

The KX3 USB to radio cable. I use the cable to interface my laptop and radio for CAT control and logging program. About 4 months in, the USB “halves” separated and fell apart (as seen in the picture).  My temporary solution was to wrap rigging tape around until I could get a hold of some shrink wrap to eliminate any future...

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