So an opportunity came where to go visit an old friend in PA, and on the way where several parks to activate.

Activation date: 1/17/2016

The first was Catoctin Mountain Park (DZ01)  is located in Torment, Maryland. I left Virginia at the crack of dawn and headed north. After a lot of driving I arrived only to find the visitor center closed. Apparently this was not welcome news for one visitor who I guess was expecting to use the bathroom. For a women, she sure could curse.

I set up in the car and cranked out some contacts on 20m Phone. I was surprised out how many responded due to the early am time.  I wish I could share more about this park. The map gives insight to being a pretty cool place to visit. Perhaps this summer might be a good to see what it has to offer and re-activate it.


  • 20 Meters