Eisenhower National Historic Site

Location: Pennsylvania

Activation Date: January 17th, 2016

Contacts: 14 contacts on 20M Phone; 10W  *Mobile operation

This site, NPOTA #NS13 is kind of an unusual one as you can’t visit the buildings unless you buy a pass from the Gettysburg NP which is next to this site and take their bus. I couldn’t see them allowing me to cart my radio gear on the bus and to the site so what I did was park on the side of the road well within the boundaries of the designated site. If you come from the south up Red Rock Road and go past the house with black shutters, you will be in the site area. Note: the traffic goes pretty fast through here so be sure to park in a safe place.

This was a super fast activation (under 30 minutes) as I still had Gettysburg to activate.



  • 20 Meters