Gettysburg National Military Park (MP03) is in southern PA and is an incredible park both in history and size. It seems to dwarf the town of Gettysburg. There is something surreal about standing in the middle of a historical battlefield and seeing a drugstore and fast food restaurant across the street.

Activation Date: January 17th, 2016

Location: Pennsylvania

Contacts: 12 contacts on 20M Phone; 10W

*Mobile operation


  • 20 Meters


Gettysburg National Battlefield

After arriving and navigating myself to the one of several huge parking lots, I chose a spot that had no cars around me. Better to have some space and not bother people with my activation. Well, that plan didn’t work out. I was in the middle of the activation when a lady parked next to me, gets out and appears to gawk at me. It was one of those looks only a 60 year old women from DC (she had DC plates) could give when they disapprove of something they don’t like. I just winked at her and pressed on. I had to contacts to make baby! That seemed to throw her off, and she walked off.

Later after making the contacts, I went inside to the visitor center that was simply amazing. Got my passport cancellations, and was talking to the cashier when I realized 1) I haven’t spoken to another person in two days that didn’t consist of short words and phonetics. I had to catch myself from saying negative when she asked if I wanted the receipt. 2) Having driven a million miles at this point I was pretty road weary and not even sure what park, much less what state I was in anymore. It was all starting blur together. I avoided a last minute impulse purchase of a confederate hat and headed back to the parking lot. If your visiting this park, I recommend several days to see it. There is a lot to see and learn about.

Gettysburg National Battlefield