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The George Washington Memorial Parkway (PK02) is a 25 mile scenic drive in Northern Virginia that parallels the Potomac river and begins at Mount Vernon (Washington’s estate) and ends at Great Falls Park.


I have activated two different locations within the GW Parkway: Dangerfield Island and Jones Point.

Wildlife: none


As I was walking around the area, I found boundary markers that indicated as one walked the trail to the lighthouse, you leave the state of VA, enter DC, MD, and back into VA all within 25′ or so. As a life long geographer, I found that amusing.


Another interesting fact is that the Jones Point Park back in WWI was a huge shipyard. Without the historical signs and photos, one would never know it today.


Activation Dates:

January 3rd, 2016: 22 contacts with PSK31; 5-10W

January 9th, 2016: 20 contacts (1 VHF FM, 1 PSK31, 18 Phone); 10W

January 13th, 2016 (Dual activation with Star Spangled Banner NHT): 23 contacts (20M Phone), 10W

January 31st, 2016 (Dual Activation with the 2016 Winter Field Day)

*Not activated, however contacts were made: January 2nd, 2016, January 3rd, 2016