One of the many awesome facets of amateur radio is that you get to meet a large variety of people of various backgrounds and locations from all around the world.

While activating Yorktown NP in SE Virginia, I met up with another NPOTA activator, Ruth KM4LAO. She holds the highest class, Amateur Extra and enjoys rag chewing, contesting and chasing DX. She was interested in activating the park, and I happen to be at that park during a NPOTA trip so I loaned her the use of my car and radio and she got to work!


During the activation, she told me about a upcoming Youth DX expedition that she is attending and I would share it with everyone:



The Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure is an opportunity for youth operators to travel to another country, learn from experienced DXers, and be the DX operator!

The 2016 team, led by Don DuBon N6JRL and Jim Storms AB8YK, is going to the island of Saba August 2-9, 2016. Team members include Morgan KD8ZLK and his mentor Joe KD8YPY, Ruth KM4LAO and her mother Sharon KM4TVU, and Faith Hannah AE4FH and her father James WX4TV. The team will be staying at the QTH of Jeff Jolie PJ6/NM1Y and operating under the callsign PJ6Y. The whole team is greatly looking forward to this adventure and they plan to be active on HF bands on SSB and CW as well as on FM satellites.

You may donate and help with the expenses of this adventure on the team website listed below.

Here is a link to team website:

Here is a posting on DX News about the trip that includes QSL information:

Here is a website about Saba: