What is Summits on the Air?
Summits On The Air (SOTA) is an amateur radio operating program that started in the UK in the early 2000’s and now can be found throughout the world including the USA. Activators, those who operate temporarily from mountain summits combine their love of hiking and amateur radio by¬†attempting to make contact with other licensed amateur radio operators throughout the world. With a minimum of four contacts, they have “activated” the summit which awards them points. As they accumulate points, they can then apply for awards.
Those who contact the activators are called chasers and can be any amateur radio operator.
SOTA is a great way to get exercise, outdoors and practice operating your radio in portable conditions.
We will be activating Sugarloaf Mountain (SOTA designator: W3/CR-003), which is located two miles south of Frederick, Maryland or an hour north of Washington, DC. Sign up for details on where we will meet before hiking the summit.

Mountain Map

*Note: you must sign up before the event to attend. Be sure to include your EMAIL address otherwise I have no way of contacting you.

This demo will be limited to 10 people.  *Currently as of 10/24/17 we have 4 spots left.

Miles we will be hiking

Elevation of Summit

Be sure to bring the 10 essentials and a radio (VHF or HF) if you have one.