High Point Summit, NJ

If you mention the state of New Jersey to people, they often think of an industrial landscape along interstate 95 near Newark airport. New Jersey, like a lot of other states is actually quite deceiving and you need get off the main roads to find it.

My wife and I were heading to Maine for a few weeks to train up the new hiking dog and made a detour to the northern part of NJ for a quick drive up activation.

High Point (W2/NJ-001) is the tallest summit in the state at 1,803 feet and at the summit is a prominent statue made to honor war veterans.


Summit Information:

Summit Name: High Point, (W2/NJ-001)

Location: Wantage, NJ

Latitude/Longitude: 41.3208,-74.6614

Date: May 22nd, 2021

Parking: No fee required


Points: 1

County: Wantage

Grid: FN21qh

Weather: Sunny, 64

Permit: No




On a Scale of 1 to 5

GaiaGPS in car navigation

Arriving at High Point we found parking in the large parking lot that is adjacent to the monument. Considering we had already spent 8+ hours in the car, it was nice to get out and stretch our legs. Using the SOTAGoat app I figured out that the side of the parking lot qualified as being in the activation zone.

I set up with my new carbon fiber arrow boom and made a couple of contacts on 2 meters. I evetnaully got bumped off the the frequency by a POTA station activating near NYC. If you operate enough, these things happen and it is always good to have a backup frequency to operate on. We still had miles to go before stopping for the night so we packed up and headed to CT.

If you plan to activate this site I would do it early and off season to avoid the crowds. 2 meter simplex is pretty rocking up here as there are no commercial towers and if pointed in the right direction you can access NJ and NYC.

Barnard SOTA log

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