barnard mountain SOTA

Bear Mountain,
New York

 Bear Mountain, NY (W2/GC-077) is a summit located on the Hudson River right above New York City. I needed an activation for NY to take it off my list of activating a SOTA summit in every US State. Bear Mountain is an easy 1 point drive up summit, however parking is limited and the top can be crowded. The AT also runs through the top of summit adding hikers to the mix. Also located here is a cool looking tower that overlooks the river.

Summit Information:

Summit Name: Bear Mountain (W2/GC-077)

Location: Bear Mountain State Park

Lat/Long: 41.3128,-74.0064

Date: June 19th, 2021

Parking: No Pass Required


Points: 1

County: Orange County

Grid: FN21xh

Weather: Sunny, 62 degrees

Permit: No Pass Required

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Sugarloaf Mountain




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Completing a NY SOTA activation had been elusive for me for the last several years. Seems like every time I am in NY I am always short on time or not anywhere close to a SOTA summit. Heading home from Maine I was able to squeeze in a short activation first thing Saturday morning. Considering the close proximity to NYC and surrounding areas and the fact the summit looked on the small side, I wanted to get in and out quickly.

 Arriving we found parking and I found a spot that was open to the northeast. I made a couple of contacts on 2 meters using my new custom carbon fiber yagi antenna. Along with the new mast, I was trying out my custom arrow elements that I had modified with elastic cord that gave me super fast set up and tear down; perfect for this activation. After barely eeking out four contacts, I headed back to the car which was a good call, because the trail dog was overheating after a short walk with my wife.

Overall, this activation was brief but a good test of my gear. I wouldn’t go out of my way to activate this summit again, but if you are in the area it might be worth it. At least the views of the Hudson River were nice.

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