Custom First Aid & Trauma Kit


“What Items do I need in a First Aid / Trauma Kit?”

I see this question often online in various forums and they are all asking the wrong question. Too often I see people trying to compensate for their lack of skills, training and knowledge by buying gear. Too many people buy gear beccuase of the “cool factor” but have limited or no idea on how to use any of it. Get training first, and the rest will follow. Ultimiately fundamental skills and training are what will be the most effiecient and productive way in solving your problems.

My journey in learning first aid / trauma skills:

By getting training, I was able to determine what gear I was qualified to use and what was actually needed for my first aid/trauma kit.

Legit Medical Suppliers for First Aid & Trauma Gear:

Adventure Medical Kits Professional Guide I Medical Kit:

For a complete list of the items that comes with the kit, look under the “Supply List” tab on the above link.


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