Icelandic hot dogs, Penis museum and a lopapeysa sweater for my wife. It doesn’t get any more Icelandic than that. #Iceland KB1HQS photo

After 8 hours of traveling, witnessed some American boomers have a meltdown and now at the Hilton Nordica in Reykjavík. They were kind enough to upgrade our room. After 3 hours of sleep, it’s time for a nap. #Hilton KB1HQS photo

Dulles airport has the whole Stanley Kubrick scene going on. Pretty cool. KB1HQS photo

🔥 Hot off the press: “TF/KB1HQS Iceland SOTA Expedition” (via @revue)

TF/KB1HQS: Iceland SOTA Expedition! Heading out to Iceland today to hike one of the top 10 hikes in the world. Tons of SOTA sites to activate. Check out my post for all the details: Photo by Jonny Auh on Unsplash #SOTA #QRP #hamradio #adventure #hiking KB1HQS photo