Forget heavy radio battery packs. Using PD USB technology you can power your QRP HF (or VHF) radio with a USB battery bank and cable.
In this video I talk about how to set it up and use it for portable use. #SOTA #Hamradio #amateurradio #CW

Thanks @NJ7V_ for the awesome sticker! If you haven't checked out Charlie's YT and Twitter yet, get on it. He's producing some awesome content. #hamradio #SOTA

My new hiking gear to keep me from getting COVID. I wonder if I could install some vertical antennas on it.🤣
#hiking #SOTA #hamradio
KB1HQS photo

I recently found this picture of my wife back in the day. It was her first dingy sailing trophy, first place! She was a lot cuter kid than I was, lol. KB1HQS photo