Success! 12.2VDC to my KX3 and Mountain Topper using a Power Pipe USB-C PD Power Cable and a RavPower battery. The Power Pipe is still on sale today at Amazon. #SOTA #AmateurRadio KB1HQS photo

Just received my Blind Spot PD cable and Ravpower AC power plug. Will be interesting to see how it works with my KX3 and Mountain topper with a 10000 mAh Ravpower battery. #SOTA #AmateurRadio KB1HQS photo

CQ POTA de KB1HQS Freq: 14.057.4. Assategue National Seashore, MD #POTA KB1HQS photo

FYI: Assategue NHS qualifies as a POTA (K-671) and US Island (MD0001S) site. Two for the price of one today. #POTA #hamradio KB1HQS photo

Another amazing Black Friday deal: Marmot Rain Jacket, $43.00! It's very similar to my Marmot jacket, which I really like. . #SOTA #hiking

Injini hiking socks are 20% off for anyone looking for good long distance trail socks that won't cause blisters. #SOTA