CQ POTA de KB1HQS K-2385 Maine 7.0294 #POTA https://t.co/k7s3urGp59 KB1HQS photo

Wx doesn’t look great but I don’t care. Heading to Cobscook Bay State Park for #POTA this afternoon. #hamradio https://t.co/bOWEc3q24E KB1HQS photo

No radio time today. Puppy was too busy trying to destroy every tree in the state of Maine. What a handful she is! At least the views were amazing. https://t.co/wLSHXeZTbk KB1HQS photo

Something a little different today. Heading to Cutler Bold Coast (ME) trail for an afternoon of hammock hanging & QRP radio time. No SOTA summits, just some chilling and radio time with my two favorite women. #hamradio https://t.co/kh9XdsjEno KB1HQS photo

I’m at the eastern most lighthouse (Quoddy Head) in the eastern most town (Lubec) of the eastern most state (Maine) in the US. It’s official, I have run out of America! #Maine #Lighthouse #lubec https://t.co/79Ap5CwaJj KB1HQS photo

The 151’ Schooner Margaret Todd is looking the finest kind in Bar Harbor, #Maine this morning. #sail #schooner #Barharbor https://t.co/o3na7YqoAw KB1HQS photo